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Czech fintech company and small e-money issuer engaged in the implementation and development of payment solutions.

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About Paynovatio

Paynovatio a.s. (Inc.), a registered company in the Czech Republic, provides complete end to end solutions for clients by designing, developing, implementing, and managing pre-paid programs. The company is authorized and regulated as a small e-money issuer by the Czech Central Bank that allows Paynovatio to provide EMI and PI services in the Czech Republic only. In addition to being licensed as a small Czech EMI, Paynovatio has teamed with the EU passported EMIs to extend its services throughout the SEPA region. Paynovatio in cooperation with regulated financial institutions offers prepaid solutions and program management via these relationships.

Prepaid Card Program Management

Our role as the program manager is much more around acting as a B2B supply chain aggregator. A key part of our role is to make prepaid cards relevant and attractive to the audiences, turn them from pure ‘payment instruments’ into practical business solutions. We work with banks and financial institutions that can provide VISA, Mastercard and UnionPay Services. We implement solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business, while we manage their card program. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to develop a suitable program and manage the entire implementation and deployment of it. Within our prepaid card program we execute all program management services that provide direct relationships with issuers and implement third-parties software, apps and technology to streamline and simplify the processes of our clients. Paynovatio enables effortless integration to back-office systems and flexible web, mobile and physical world access to detailed financial information and data. We offer modern solutions to fit the needs of large and small businesses and offer the tools to accommodate their needs.
Paynovatio as program manager
  • Coordinates and controls the different entities and disciplines providing an end-to-end solution for the end client
  • Acts as an aggregator
  • Brings experience and knowledge to the solution and frequently relationships with the third party brands
Areas that we often also become involved in though are
  • Card Design
  • Card Carrier Design
  • Web Portal Design
As program manager we normally
  • Support where required AML processes/tools in place to meet BIN sponsor requirements
  • Ensure KYC processes/tools in place to meet BIN sponsor requirements
  • Support fraud management processes/tools in place to meet BIN sponsor requirements
  • Provide BIN Sponsor with monthly business forecast
  • Support the parties to ensure accurate and timely clearing and settlement with BIN sponsor
  • Define/agree any development requirements with the issuer
  • Work out with the BIN sponsor/ processor any BIN splitting or if a new BIN is required
We work with the brand to complete and agree on the issuer card program profile to take to the BIN sponsor for approval along with the appropriate business case. Once a ‘sale is made’, we become the project co-ordinator between the Issuer, Processor and Brand.

What we offer

  • Prepaid Card Management
  • E-Wallet
  • Current Accounts
  • Interfacing to 3rd Party Processors (for acquiring)
  • iPhone and Android Smartphone apps for cardholders to manage accounts
As a key part of the aggregated solution we offer the following added-value services (VAS)
  • SMS/email integration
  • Card services contact center
  • Cardholder website that can be branded
  • Mobile enablement
  • IVR functionality for PIN and customer services
  • Card Production and personalization supply/management along with bespoke/secure packaging
  • Integration to available load channels

Where we charge

Set up and Card Costs
  • Set Up Fee
  • Card production Cost
  • Electronic/Manual KYC processes
  • Card Personalisation and PIN over IVR (IVR provided generally by the processor)
ATM Transactions
  • ATM Domestic Withdrawals
  • ATM International Withdrawals
Card fees
  • Card Activation Fee (used to collect cost of card)
  • Monthly Service Charge
  • FX Markup Rate (Currency Conversion Charge)
POS Transactions
  • Domestic POS
  • International POS
Other Income
  • Interest on Float
  • Interchange

Our Process to Get You Started

Becoming a client of Paynovatio is a simple process. We start with a demonstration of our systems depending on your needs. Once we have established what your company requires, we then work towards a mutual contract to secure your services. Our internal development team will then work with your business to implement APIs if necessary.
  • Contact us with your requirements
  • Schedule testing of the system
  • Sign the contract
  • Order Card Inventory
  • The client set up
  • Operations training
  • Go live
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Our partnerships are transparent, reliable and based on trust to create a prepaid card program that is bespoke to each client. This means that our systems can be utilized fully as part of an end-to-end solution, or as separate elements to complement existing or legacy systems. Our prepaid card solutions can be used across a wide range of sectors which include payroll, expense management, travel, money share, insurance, gaming and FX trading, and online shopping amongst others in a safe and secure environment.


Let us help you simplify and improve efficiency in processing your payments:
  • Growth in foreign markets
  • Tailored systems designed specifically for your corporate needs
  • Comfort to the regional and worldwide compliance
  • Effectively manage the risk of both internal and external fraud.
  • Easy issuing of personalized prepaid debit cards to employees and contractors.
  • Loading of funds in real-time with no delay in payment for your valued employee or commissioned contractor.
  • The ability to schedule a single payment or thousands at a time using our suite of online tools.
  • Our cards offer the same security you get with your bank's debit card.
  • An online cardholder portal for your employees to view their balance, card history, PIN notification, and much more.
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e-Wallet Solutions

  • The technology we offer makes it easy to issue and load e-Wallets through our suite of online tools.
  • Working with our regulated EMI issuing partners we provide e-Wallets that can be used as a payment mechanism to receive or send funds to other e-Wallet holders.
  • The technology allows e-Wallet loading and transferring of funds in real-time.
  • Any currency can be applied, as well as non-traditional currencies.
  • An online cardholder portal to view your e-Wallet balance, history, notifications, and much more.
  • API access to merchant to provide an e-Wallet balance to the customer.
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In cooperation with regulated partners, We deliver a complete current account offering to our customers anywhere within the Eurozone. Our partner´s robust prepaid current account solutions provide a real alternative to traditional accounts - rather than having to deal with transactions in cash or cheques, customers can now accept payments to be transferred directly into their prepaid card account. Furthermore, recurring payments can be set up directly from the account, allowing greater peace of mind in knowing that payments are being made automatically. Paynovatio can turn e-wallet or prepaid card accounts into current accounts in the 19 countries of the Eurozone. We do this by assigning individual IBAN numbers to each account.
Functionality of IBAN accounts include:
  • Enabling SEPA payments
  • Salary payment direct to the account
  • Public funds payments direct to the account
  • Payment of bills online and transfer funds
  • Set up standing orders
  • Cash withdrawal, available via ATMs worldwide
  • Mobile payments
  • Secure online account – accessible 24/7
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Prepaid cards

Some Great Reasons to Choose Prepaid

No Credit Checks, not linked to your bank account
No credit checks or bank account required. Instant online approval. Cards are prepaid, meaning they have no credit or loan facility alongside.
Protect your identity when shopping online
Our cards are widely accepted across the internet. We issue cards under both Mastercard, VISA, China Union Pay and therefore have the same acceptance as credit and debit cards.
Manage your money effectively
Prepaid cards do not get you into debt, as you can only spend up to the balance loaded onto your card.
Send money to friends and family overseas instantly
Prepaid cards are seen as a much cheaper option for international money sharing. Secondary cards can be given to family members abroad and reloaded in the UK for instant use.
Great foreign exchange (FX) rates
There is no better way to take foreign currency overseas than on a prepaid card. With a prepaid card, there will be no more attempts to calculate exchange rates on the go, as you are actually purchasing in the local currency.
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Benefits of Prepaid to Businesses

Cash Management
Paynovatio enables you to deposit the weekly/monthly payroll to a settlement account. Funds are held in a settlement account. The card is significantly easier to manage for all in the value chain. This is especially true in those industries where there is high employee turnover or employees are transient workers.
Employer Benefits
  • ECost-effective way to manage payroll.
  • An easy to implement solution for your existing payroll services.
  • Reduce cheque and cash management and handling costs.
  • Reduce bank fees.
  • Reduce security risks involved with cash and cheque fraud.
  • Greatly reduce lost cheque replacement costs.
  • Payments to employees either instantly or within their own timeframe.
  • Issuing a prepaid card is often cheaper than sending international SWIFT or CHAPS payments.
  • Revenue earner.
Employee Benefits
  • Employees have immediate access to funds on payday.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Employees can get account balance and transaction history via the Internet, SMS or telephone IVR.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Benefit from safety features of Chip and PIN cards.
  • Anyone can obtain a card as no bank account or previous credit history is required.
  • Unbanked employees can use prepaid cards to make payments and obtain cash.
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Online Virtual Prepaid Cards

Paynovatio uses a bespoke platform for the creation, delivery, distribution, and maintenance of instant issue prepaid cards. They hold zero value until the customers top up their cards with cash they wish to load onto the card. Our virtual prepaid card is a great way to pay online. One of the benefits of having our virtual prepaid card is that it will not take up more space in your wallet or purse. Nor can you lose an online prepaid card. You can use it to buy almost anything from websites. It is a versatile product for fast, secure online payments. Once you are approved for our online prepaid card, it is issued instantly - ready for immediate use. Simply load cash onto the reloadable card and you can then shop online without the need for a debit/credit card linked to a bank account. It makes buying things online more secure, as well as providing you with absolute control over your spending. Our online prepaid Mastercard, Visa or China Union Pay cards make perfect sense for security-conscious shoppers looking for extra peace of mind when buying online. The card cannot be lost or stolen, and it cannot be linked to a bank account or credit facility – minimizing the security risk to the cardholder. For shoppers on a budget, a prepaid card can prove an effective way of controlling your online spending. You cannot spend more than the amount loaded onto a card. Our virtual prepaid card can also be used by corporate customers to offer incentives or rewards to customers.
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Why Choose Paynovatio?

  • Technology Capabilities
  • Quality of Team
  • Speed to Market
  • Pricing and Revenue Share
  • Customer Service

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